Matsunami Glass Bottom Dishes
Matsunami Glass Bottom Dishes

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Glass Bottom Dishes


Dish DiameterGlass DiameterGlass ThicknessCoatingPackagingWellsPriceSKUAdd to Cart
35mm14mm0.Uncoated100 pcs.1$160.00D35-14-0-U
35mm14mm1.0Uncoated100 pcs.1$164.00D35-14-1-U
35mm14mm1.5Uncoated100 pcs.1$150.00D35-14-1.5-U

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35mm14mm1.5Uncoated20 pcs.4$145.00D141400
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Product Description

Achieve the best microscopic images while maintaining your cells in normal culture conditions. Our pre-sterilized glass bottom dishes allow you to maintain cultures directly on the highest quality coverslip glass, combining optimal cell growth with the highest resolution images possible.
Matsunami’s Glass Bottom Dishes use premium grade borosilicate glass with the combination of highest transmittance and lowest autofluorescence available. Designed for use with inverted, fluorescence, and laser microscopes. Our standard sized 35 mm dishes are available uncoated or coated with either poly-D-lysine or collagen. Available with single or four wells.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 8 x 6 in
Glass Thickness

0., 1.0, 1.5


Uncoated, PDL, Collagen


1, 4