24x60 mm / 24x50 mm / 24x40mm NEO

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NEO Micro Cover Glass


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24 x 40 mmNo.1 (0.12-0.17)Case of 1000$123.00C024401
24 x 50 mmNo.1 (0.12-0.17)Case of 1000$141.00C024501
24 x 55 mmNo.1 (0.12-0.17)Case of 1000$141.00C024551
24 x 60 mmNo.1 (0.12-0.17)Case of 1000$159.00C024601
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Product Description

Neo Micro Cover Glass for Automated Coverslippers

Matsunami Glass is a pioneer in the development of cover glass and widely recognized as the standard for quality and flatness. Matsunami Micro Cover Glass are manufactured from highest grade of glass on a fully automated production line to ensure consistency.

*Bending Strength for Use in Automated Coverslipper

When working with an automated coverslipper a great deal of stress is applied to the cover glass by the feeding mechanism. NEO Micro Cover Glass can withstand twice the bending stress of competitor products.

*Special Coating to Prevent Sticking

Some cover glass tend to stick together in hot, humid conditions. NEO Micro Cover Glass has been specially treated with a coating to prevent sticking. This coating does not interfere with optical transmission. 

*Mounting Media Spreads Evenly and Lasts Intact for Long Term Storage

NEO Micro Cover Glass have been tested under severe environmental conditions to ensure they don’t peel off after the mounting media hardens and the samples are stored for long periods.

Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 6 x 4 in